flo_robbie_main Welcome one and all to the Country Features new website. Let us start by saying thank you for taking time out to visit us. We go a long way to present our shows in a professional manner and as part of that ethos we have developed this website for you, our fans.

If you’ve arrived here as a result of seeing us play live – double thanks – we hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to playing a venue near you soon. We plan to list all our upcoming gigs on the website so watch out for that link. Feel free to check out our comments pages and our gallery pages showing photos of us, and you.

Florence is very happy to announce the release of her new 12 track CD ‘Time After Time’ featuring two new self penned tracks, ‘Alone Here Without You’ and ‘Why Am I So Lonesome’.  Florence commented “I’ve grown so very close to these songs over the last number of years, some of which have been recommended by good friends Eric and Margaret Gunn from Edinburgh. I hope all our fans enjoy this new selection. It’s a dream come true for me as I have always wanted to record my own CD one day.

[Click here to hear sample tracks]